Ocean Voyaging

Survitec launches virtual museum

The Survitec company, a manufacturer of survival and safety products, has launched a "virtual museum." The museum is a joint effort of the company along with theĀ Museum of Godalming, located in Surrey, England. The museum showcases inventions and patents that…

Preparing a sailing rig for going offshore

For the voyaging sailboat, your rig is your primary propulsion when offshore and should be given top priority when preparing to go offshore. The rig you have been using on weekends may have been good enough to prove the boat's…

A cultural and visual spectacle

For those in search of fair winds, an umbrella-laden beverage and an increased sense of adventure, Cuba provides. U.S.-Cuba relations easing in December of 2014 provided an opportunity for voyagers to sail the island. One year later, we arrived to our charter in the southern Cuba port of Cienfuegos to begin a 600-nm voyage to Havana.

Voyagers in need

Live-aboard sailors and regular ON contributors battle COVID-19 in Cape Town

2019 Chuck Husick Marine Technology Award nominees

Every year Ocean Navigator gives the Chuck Husick Marine Technology Award to an innovative marine product that makes voyaging better and easier. Chuck was an esteemed writer and contributing editor for Ocean Navigator who made a big impact on the marine…