Author: Story and photos By Steve D’Antonio

Engine room checks

During a recent over-the-phone troubleshooting session, a client and I were trying to determine the source, as well as the rate, of an oil leak. I asked, “was it there the last time you did an engine room check,…

Prop shaft alignment

Nearly all marine engines are designed to be adjustable, to a point, relative to the propeller shaft by using adjustment or jacking nuts on their motor mounts.

Not indestructible

The broker representing the 60-foot vessel was dumbfounded. “How could that be?” he asked. “They are stainless steel, and stainless steel doesn’t rust.”

Primary fuel filtration

The mission of a primary fuel filter is to capture, separate and store contaminants, be they biological, asphalt or water based.

Across the Skagerrak

After spending a few days in Copenhagen, I hopped a train for a four-hour ride north across Jutland, the peninsula that makes up much of Denmark and separates the North and Baltic Seas, to Holstebro.

Reading exhaust smoke

While today’s crop of computer-wielding mechanics rely on high-tech tools to formulate diagnoses, there’s still something to be said for the tried-and-true technique of interpreting the quantity and color of smoke emitted by a diesel engine.