Author: David Berson

The Manila Galleons

When the Spanish empire expanded in the mid-1500s to include New Spain (Mexico) and as far west as the Philippine…

March/April Issue 260: Schooner Adix

Residents of Greenport, N.Y., a small maritime village on the northeast end of Long Island, have been watching all sorts of sailing ships come and go over the past couple hundred years.

January/February Issue 259: Santa Maria

In its day — more than 500 years ago — the nao (ship) Santa Maria embodied a sailing design that was as modern then as the fastest-designed sailboats are today.

September/October Issue 257: Vagabonding under sail

While he is best remembered as the designer of a host of famous yachts including the Westsail, Pacific Seacraft, Cabo Rico, Dana 24 and Columbia, English-born W.I.B. Crealock (1920-2009) began his love affair with sailboats in 1948 when he and three friends sailed from England to British Guiana.

May/June Issue 255: The Golden Globe Race

The first Golden Globe nonstop around-the-world race was held 50 years ago in 1968-69 as a response to Sir Francis Chichester’s single-handed, one-stop circumnavigation a few years before.

May/June Issue 248: La Amistad

La Amistad — ironically the Spanish word for friendship — was anything but that to the captured slaves forced onto the vessel in 1839.

March/April Issue 246: FitzRoy: Conflicted genius

Although mostly now remembered as the captain of HMS Beagle in her five-year voyage around the world with a young Charles Darwin, Robert FitzRoy was a man of the scientific age who made contributions in many fields.