Author: Dave McCampbell

Battery suppliers

Rolls Battery Engineering Mastervolt Victron Energy Lithonics Battery ReLion Lynx Battery Sterling Power Roadpro

Lead acid battery technology comparisons

• Gels are priced slightly higher than AGMs, but both are roughly double the cost of flooded lead acid (FLA) units. • Gels can have as much as double the cycle life of AGMs and usually more than FLAs. • Gels…

Are Lithium Batteries for Voyaging?

If you are full-time cruisers like us, your electrical system, including batteries, is critical to your safety and comfort, so it has to be right. These days, you have multiple options when it comes to constructing your house bank. Some…

Major watermaker components

The heart of the system is the high-pressure plunger pump, similar to what is used in the car wash and other pressure-washing industries.

Anchor chain swivels

Recently, there has been a good deal of interest in swivels placed between one’s anchor and chain.

Reducing oil waste

Most cruisers I know dutifully change their mineral engine oil every 100 to 150 engine hours as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.