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Issue #241 Ocean Navigator May-June 2017

Issue #241 Ocean Navigator May-June 2017

In this issue's special section on weather, contributing editor Ken McKinley looks at some of the intriguing visualizations available online, such as the whole earth compilation of data on the website Earth. Using tools like this website and others can make the weather situation less of a riddle. Our second story looks at one of the most popular ways voyagers get their hands on gridded binary weather files: SailDocs. We'll take a look at how this service from the SailMail Association works so efficiently and so well and see what features and changes might be coming for the way voyagers get these GRIB files in the future. In our power voyaging column Trawler expert Jeff Merrill continues his "dialed in" series that provides infer to power voyagers about how to maximize their vessels. Merrill has covered subjects from what spare parts to carry aboard to how to operate safely at night to how to deploy and recover dinghies using a crane to how to set up systems to map sure proper maintenance is being performed when its needed. The ocean voyaging story visits Papua New Guinea's remote Ninigo Islands, an archipelago of sparsely inhabited atolls off Papua New Guinea. The islands have no regularly-schedule supply vessel visit, so voyagers who visit often bring with them a selection of supplies. Leslie Linkkila and Philip DiNuovo brought a cargo of goods and also became the de facto sponsors of the islands annual outrigger sailing canoe regatta. In a story on sailhandling gear a voyaging couple experiences a jib roller furled failure 200 miles from New Zealand while en route to Fiji and must make a decision on what to do next. Keep going or return to NZ and get a repair? But how long will that take and will they miss their seasonal window? Our voyaging tips story looks at checking hoses - voyaging boats are filled with hoses but what do we really know about all these rubber and vinyl tubes? We need to know what shape they're in, if they're operating properly and how to go about replacing them if they fail. contributing editor Wayne Canning explains how to manage these important, but little seen boat elements. And a story on adventure sailing has an interview with Matt Kent, a bosun on the brig Niagara. Kent is a sailor who has designed and built a tiny boat and will attempt to set a new record for crossing the Atlantic in the smallest sailboat yet. Plus the Nav Problem, Chartroom Chatter and more.

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