September 2012

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Ocean Navigator

Firefighting gear

Equipment for voyagers to battle a blaze on board

Firefighting for voyagers

Few things are more frightening than an uncontrolled fire on board: the potential for total loss is extremely high. Unfortunately, fire is a not uncommon occurrence on boats of all sizes: witness the recent cases of cruise ships disabled due to fire.

Swivels and anchor chain

More on SSB gear

Gas tanks and lightning

Mast climbing techniques

Some approaches to mast climbing from an ocean voyager

Septuagenarians’ San Juan sail

This May my wife, Sumter, and I enthusiastically jumped at the invitation to sail in the San Juan Islands of Washington State.

The logistics of Amazon voyaging

Near instant access to vast caches of electronic information has shrunk our globe so it’s almost unthinkable that misconceptions about cruising destinations still persist.

Race tracking and talking

For race committees and family and friends on shore, tracking and communicating with boats in an ocean race has certainly evolved. It the past, boats would leave soundings and largely disappear until reaching the finish line

Baltic bruises

The Baltic is not the deepest of seas, but we never expected to have problems entering a harbor with entrance breakwaters like Leba, Poland.

September 2012 Issue 204: From the English Channel to the Hudson River

Klang II, a wooden gaff-rigged yawl is a vessel of many distinctions.

Pacific solo rower rescued after typhoon

Solo British rower and adventurer Sarah Outen was forced to abandon ship after her ocean rowing boat, Gulliver, was severely damaged in the North Pacific.

California to Hawaii solo kayak attempt

Endurance adventurer Wave Vidmar intends to be the first person in 25 years to attempt a 3,100-nm solo kayak voyage from San Francisco to Maui, Hawaii.

Pirate victims go back to sea

Paul and Rachel Chandler, the British couple who were captured by Somali pirates in 2009 and held hostage for 388 days, plan to be back cruising again.

Marine Medicine - A Comprehensive Guide, 2nd edition

A somber funeral procession

Lyman-Morse opens operation in Panama

Maine boatbuilder Lyman-Morse has expanded operations to southern climes with a new facility located in Shelter Bay, Panama.

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