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1. Exploring Borneo
Large sails and diesel fuel pushed our Valiant 40, Brick House, northward from Indonesia along the western coast of Borneo.
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2. Finding the source
We had been anchoring on the southeast side of the Thailand tourist island of Koh Chang (Elephant Island), in the Gulf of Thailand.
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3. Freighter fright
Hollywood would like to make you believe that steel containers, fallen from ships, bob around the world’s oceans ready to sink the dreams of unsuspecting world cruisers.
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4. Homemade burglar alarm
The problem with all the battery-powered burglar alarms we have found at hardware stores is that the alarms were neither louder nor more frightening than a chirping canary.
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5. Voyaging Skills interview
Growing up in Miami, Fla., Patrick spent countless summer days constructing wood and fiberglass power and sailboats for exploring the inland waterways of southwest Florida and eventually venturing out to the Florida Keys and Bahamas.
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