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1. A fog of regulation
You’ve finally crossed the border into Florida after more than 700 statute miles of Intracoastal Waterway cruising and your mind begins to wander to thoughts of that upcoming Gulf Stream crossing to the Bahamas.
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2. Broken anchor snubber
I’ve anchored in Cuttyhunk Harbor, Mass., hundreds of times over many different seasons. I like to joke that I just drop my hook in one of my old holes and I know all will be well no matter what.
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3. Electronic charts dominant
With paper charts going the way of Loran, a look at the current electronic chart picture
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4. All backed up?
Most voyagers depend on an array of digital assets, from the basics like email, the Internet and assorted important documents, to more nautical essentials like charts, weather information and cruising guides.
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5. Cool stuff for a cool season
OK — I just dated myself with that title, but "cool" is the only appropriate word, in my opinion, for this potpourri of charting goodness.
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6. Offshore competence builders
One thing rarely written about in magazine articles and books on long-distance cruising and voyaging is the time problem. Relentlessly marching on, with or without us, time does not pause while we accumulate the right boats, skills, experience and crew to do the great things we read and dream about.
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7. Hurricane chart work
During and before hurricane season you will read and hear lots of information on what to do when a storm approaches, and how to escape and remain safe.
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8. A true number two anchor
Want to start an instant argument in a waterfront bar? Just bring up anchors and anchoring and you’ll regret changing the topic from politics.
article 63 %
9. Tracking device helps locate stolen yacht article 61 %
10. Changing EPIRB battery causes loss of registration article 61 %
11. Thousands of Anchors Missing article 61 %
12. Comment on 10-day anchoring limit article 61 %
13. Anchoring rights subject of hearing in St. Augustine article 61 %
14. Report outlines threat to GPS navigation system article 61 %
15. India Navy Captures Somali Pirates article 61 %
16. Stay grounded article 61 %
17. Flying yacht designed article 61 %
18. Sea users and marine interest groups to decide conservation zones article 61 %
19. Yacht death inquest blames human error article 61 %
20. St. Augustine anchoring restrictions to go into effect article 61 %
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