October 2012

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Ocean Series 48 GT

Ocean Navigator's Yacht Review

Kiwi Spirit

Ocean Navigator's Yacht Review

Discovery 57

Ocean Navigator's Yacht Review

Mixer elbows and heat exchangers

Tucked away out of sight behind your inboard engine lies the exhaust mixer elbow. Its function is to cool the engine exhaust gases by mixing them with the cooling water discharged from the engine heat exchanger.

On going aground

A variety of situations with the potential for going aground have arisen during the last 41 years of cruising, 15 of those years full time living aboard our 47-foot ketch Carricklee.

October 2012 Issue 205: Schooner Brilliant across the Atlantic

For yacht designers, 1932 wasn’t a great year.

A hop, skip, and a jump to Panama

While in Beaufort, N.C., aboard Namani, our 1981 Dufour 35, we conceived a bold and promising plan: to depart the U.S. East Coast as soon as a November weather window allowed, and head for Panama in a hop (800 miles from the Carolinas to the eastern Bahamas), a skip (300 miles to Jamaica) and a jump (600 miles to Panama).

A passion for time

Navigating the seas is a matter of time. You need a clock. Indeed the GPS satellites we use today are just elements of one big complicated clock.

Foul-tackled on Block Island

A brisk wind’s moaning in the rigging woke me at midnight. My first thought was, “Is the boat still secure — is the anchor holding?”

A Panamanian souvenir

The most painful illness I suffered on our voyage was the most difficult to cure.

Diagnosing foul fuel

Clean fuel is a power cruising priority, and it’s important to pay heed to what goes into the tank(s) and what’s sloshing around in the sediment bowl of every filter. But more often than not it’s what lies between the fuel fill and the primary filter that hides the problem.

Improving hurricane forecasts

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has made great strides in improving hurricane and tropical storm forecasts.

The Natural Navigator – The Rediscovered Art of Letting Nature Be Your Guide

Cornell’s Ocean Atlas: Pilot charts for all oceans of the world

World cruising expert and author Jimmy Cornell has teamed up with his son Ivan to produce an atlas of pilot charts for all the oceans of the world.

Ideal conditions for Ida Lewis fleet

Twenty-six boats competed in the 2012 Ida Lewis Distance Race that began on Aug. 17.

Hall Spars turns with the tide

Hall Spars & Rigging, a company well known for racing masts and high tech composite manufacturing, is turning with the mighty tides in Maine’s Cobscook Bay.

New Russian Baltic race

Five teams are slated to compete in a 750-nm race through the Baltic Sea dipping their keels in Russian, Finnish, Swedish, and German waters.

SpeedDream nears launch

Nautor’s Swan launches hull 2,000

Boatbuilder Nautor’s Swan of Finland marked a milestone in August with the launch of Swan 90S, Freya, the company’s hull No. 2,000 of a fleet comprised of 95 different models and configurations.

NOAA raises hurricane season prediction

This year’s Atlantic hurricane season is off to a busy start.

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