July/August 2012

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Ocean Navigator

July/August 2012 Issue 203: I ran away to sea at fifty

A powerful weather resource

Pilot charts remain a useful tool for long-range planning

Staying dry in a Mexican gale

The Gulf of Tehuantepec, on the Pacific side of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, can have gale-force winds. These winds produce steep waves that grow as they head offshore. To avoid the awful square waves, a vessel must transit within a half mile of shore.

More on watermakers

Voyager touts low-maintenance head

A vote for cockpit-based furling

HOSTAGE: A Year at Gunpoint with Somali Pirates

Solo sailor dismasted, takes upbeat approach

At the time of the dismasting, solo sailor Daniel Collins was en route from Marathon, Fla., to Bermuda on the first leg of what he calls “The Oddasea Project” a planned circumnavigation.

Family weather routing

Making extensive use of GRIB weather files on a North Atlantic 

Still holding its own

HF radio continues to enjoy a dominant position in offshore communications within the cruising community.

Installing a propane gas stove

One upgrade we had long wanted to add is a propane stove. Our switch to propane came soon after we discovered it was possible to fill a propane tank just about anywhere if you have the right fittings.

Sail repairs at Suwarrow

Strong winds tear a mainsail, turning a South Pacific 
atoll into a sail repair shop.

AIS everywhere

Model boats to benefit disabled sailors

Web Exclusive

Sunk by whales

Sinkings due to whale strikes are rare but they do happen

Emergency in Bermuda Race

Health complications of a sailor in the Newport Bermuda Race forced an emergency evacuation

Final GOR 2011-2012 prizes awarded

GOR overall prizes and individual awards were presented to the Class40 teams in Les Sables d’Olonne

Record-breaking Rambler

90-foot Reichel/Pugh sloop Rambler completes the Bermuda Race in record time

The 48th Newport Bermuda Race

Shaping up to be a big boat race- quick for them and slower for the smaller boats

Indie sailing film on seeking an iceberg

Two sailors make a film about going in search of a simple life at sea

Forty years of yacht design

A side-by-side snapshot of sailing yacht evolution

Finding on Ensenda Race mishap

A review panel assembled by US Sailing has issued a finding on the deadly Aegean accident

Resort workers to the rescue

Workers from the Almost Paradise resort in Fiji were first on the scene to rescue a voyaging couple after their boat sank

Volvo Leg 8- Spain To France

Around the Azores- a 2,000 mile windward Leeward

Use a safety line

A sailboat captain is reminded of the need when in the water to stay attached to the boat

12-day radar testing in the Gulf

Coast Guard and NATO testing radars near Mobile in a bid to improve search and rescue capabilities

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