Notable New Books

Mariner’s Weather HandbookA guide to forecasting and tacticsby Steve and Linda DashewThe fortunate thing about the Dashew couple is their ability to absorb and digest massive amounts of arcane subject matter and provide basic reference material for those of us less endowed. Such is the case with their latest, The Mariner’s Weather Handbook, which has an encyclopedic format that is useful for weather observers of all skill levels. The book also documents several real-life scenarios, like the Queen’s Birthday Storm of June 1994 and Hurricane Nora in September 1997, describing how the weather phenomena formed and how vessels at sea handled it. The Dashews have again provided a book that could be considered the definitive volume on the subject.

Beowulf Publishing, Pineville, N.C.; 704-544-0919; 594 pgs.; $69.95.

Categories: Offshore Sailing