Notable New Books

Weather Predicting Simplified

by Michael William Carr

This book is the result of several years’ research into an understandable approach to the world’s weather systems. And it provides the mariner with access to available weather information and the skills to interpret information to make routing and safety decisions.Carr starts with the basics of weather and takes the reader through all the mechanics so that one gains an understanding of weather’s various recipes on a global and local scale. Building on this knowledge, the reader is then equipped to learn the language of weather information in the form of charts, satellite images, and text messages, which is what the bulk of the book discusses.

Many readers of this magazine may recognize Michael Carr’s name associated with the successful weather seminars offered as part of the Ocean Navigator School of Seamanship. (Carr was also the original captain of the training schooner Ocean Star.) One of the solid values of this book is its similarity to his teaching style: clear, illustrative, and captivating.

International Marine, Camden, Maine; 800-262-4729; $25.95.

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