Ocean Navigator - September-October 2020

A cultural and visual spectacle

For those in search of fair winds, an umbrella-laden beverage and an increased sense of adventure, Cuba provides. U.S.-Cuba relations easing in December of 2014 provided an opportunity for voyagers to sail the island. One year later, we arrived to our charter in the southern Cuba port of Cienfuegos to begin a 600-nm voyage to Havana.

Winds of change

As our world stumbles through this painful and unprecedented time, with businesses and schools closed, boat shows canceled and so many of us compelled to shelter in place, it’s frustrating to think that even our boats can only provide limited respite from the draconian restrictions of the pandemic.

Coping with COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced sailing organizations around the country to adapt to social distancing guidelines and stay-at-home policies.

Container incident off Hawaii

In a case that is sure to add to the lore of containers that have been lost overboard becoming hazards to navigation, the National Transportation Safety Board is investigating an incident that occurred off Hawaii’s Big Island on June 22.

Patrick Childress

Sailor, circumnavigator, delivery captain, writer, video personality, husband and frequent Ocean Navigator contributor Patrick Childress died June 8, 2020, in Cape Town, South Africa, after contracting the COVID-19 disease.

Brion Toss

Noted yacht rigger and author Brion Toss died from cancer on June 6, 2020. He was 69.

The eye of the butterfly

June’s arrival marked two significant weather periods, the beginning of “summer” and the June-November hurricane season, both raising the possibility of stormy weather and the more important question: What kind of storm?

Resetting the clock in Gibraltar and Morocco

Two issues of particular concern to the non-European yachtsman arriving from the Americas are the Schengen Agreement, which affects the immigration status of the foreign traveler, and the European Union (EU) regulations that affect the value-added tax (VAT) and duty requirements of the non-EU documented vessel.