Ocean Navigator - Ocean-Voyager 2018

Primary fuel filtration

The mission of a primary fuel filter is to capture, separate and store contaminants, be they biological, asphalt or water based.

Why marine-related filters?

Contrary to popular belief, the marine label isn’t just an excuse by the manufacturer to charge a premium — there are genuine and critical differences.

Suturing instruments

Gloves, sterile if possible 4x4 gauze pads for bleeding control and cleaning the wound Diluted Betadine solution for cleaning Sterile water for irrigation 1 percent lidocaine, 5 to 10 mL depending on size of laceration 25g or larger needles for…

Weather satellite to improve forecasts

Satellite observation of the atmosphere has been a powerful tool for meteorologists since the first weather satellite was placed into orbit in the late 1950s.

Fiddler's Green

Robert “Robie” Pierce Robert Pierce, a competitive sailor who advocated for wider accessibility for people with disabilities, died July 12, 2017, in Newport, R.I. He was 76. Pierce competed in the Marion to Bermuda Race, Buzzards Bay Regatta and Block…