Ocean Navigator - Ocean-Voyager 2017

Emergency steering

For a vessel traveling any distance offshore, it should be understood that sometimes a simple failure can begin a chain of events leading to the total loss of the vessel.

Electrocution and electric shock drowning

Unlike conventional electric shock, wherein the victim’s heart is stopped or goes into ventricular fibrillation as a result of exposure to a sufficiently high level of electric current, electric shock drowning (ESD) simply paralyzes the voluntary muscle reflexes.

The cut-off low

Every sailor has experienced times when the weather forecast differs substantially from reality.

High-risk wounds

Pop, pop, pop … POP! The sound of four fingers separated from a hand while a sailor was snubbing a cruising sailboat to a stop on a pier in the Great Lakes.

Emergency signals

Generations of mariners have relied on emergency flares to signal for help and guide rescuers “the last mile” to their location.

Voyaging Skills interview

Growing up in Miami, Fla., Patrick spent countless summer days constructing wood and fiberglass power and sailboats for exploring the inland waterways of southwest Florida and eventually venturing out to the Florida Keys and Bahamas.

The email two-step

You’re anchored securely in a tropical lagoon you used to dream about … then the “real world” drags you back.

Fiddler's Green

Jim Allsopp Jim Allsopp died on March 12, 2016, in Annapolis, Md., at age 72. In 1976 Allsopp won the Star World Championships, beating Tom Blackaller, Pelle Petterson, Malin Burnham and Bill Buchan. The next year he won the Star…