Ocean Navigator - Ocean-Voyager 2016

Lift pump replacement

What do Great Barrier Island in New Zealand and Toau Island in the Tuamotus of French Polynesia have in common?

Planning ahead

Speaking from experience, pumps are something that you’ll want spare parts for before setting off on any voyage of note. Toilet pumps, freshwater pumps, sump pumps, hydraulic pumps (autopilot and backstay/vang), bilge pumps, raw water, coolant circulation, and … yes…

Stoves and fuels for voyagers

It has been said that next to the mast, the stove is the most used piece of equipment on board, and on my boat this is certainly true.

Composting head options

When we first bought our Pacific Seacraft, Maria 31, the plumbing systems were in pretty bad shape, the head and black tank being the most serious issue.

Atmospheric computer modeling

The computer models that are used today are incredibly complex, as they try to reduce the complicated physics that govern atmospheric processes to a set of equations that can be worked forward in time to generate a prediction. In order…

Care and maintenance of automatic inflatable PFDs

Inflatable personal flotation devices (PFDs) have found their way aboard most vessels and have become a recognized alternative to traditional foam-filled life jackets thanks to their ease of use, comfort and effectiveness.

Voyaging medical questions

This is the time of year when I live far inland where the biggest backcountry risks are posed by avalanches and altitude illness.

Two hands on deck

A sailor transitioning from racing to cruising or from coastal hopping to offshore passages has a lot of questions, not the least of which will be how many crew to have aboard.