Ocean Navigator - Ocean-Voyager 2015

Bluewater Gear interview

Michael Hawkins and Barbara Sobocinski have been sailing together for more than 30 years. They started on a 23-foot boat on the Columbia River in Portland, Ore. They moved up to a 36-foot Cascade, Mariah, which they owned and sailed…

Offshore safety interview

The Massaro family is on a two-year cruise that began in San Francisco aboard their Pacific Seacraft Voyager 40, Benevento. They left in late September 2013 and, as of January 2015, have logged almost 13,000 nautical miles. In addition to…

Starting and finishing weather

When considering weather conditions for a long ocean voyage, significant emphasis is placed on the high seas portion of the voyage.

Voyaging Skills interview

Sue and Ed Kelly have spent most of their adult lives (before cruising) in Iowa. Both were originally raised in small towns far from any large bodies of water. They are grandparents who relish having their grandchildren visit them aboard…

The “clearing in” dance

Clearing into and out of countries can be as simple as the waltz or as complicated as the tango, but it is always a memorable experience.

Choosing the right crew

The question of how many crew one should engage to help safely sail a small boat around the world is a tough one.

Fiddler's Green

Steve Black Steve Black, founder of the Caribbean 1500 rally, died March 17, 2014, following a long battle with cancer. He was 71. Black was born in St. Louis, Mo., and moved to Michigan where he ran a publishing company.…

Soothing sounds of the ocean

You’ve probably seen the CDs on the racks, or heard them in elevators. The general consensus is that the noises of the sea must be gentle, calming and peaceful, which should make them the perfect complement to a good night’s sleep.