Ocean Navigator - November-December 2018

A voyaging sailboat recovered

On June 17, 2018, aboard our Omega 45, Kelaerin, just 150 miles from completing a circumnavigation that had gone over 17 years, a storm overtook us.

Gap year afloat

Most recent high school graduates head to college or the workplace. Kai O’Connor went to sea.

Modern Marine Weather (Third Edition)

The problem with teaching marine weather is the same problem as celestial navigation: How do you demonstrate a three-dimensional concept so that the recipient can visualize it?

Simple satellite communications

Satcom that you can hold in the palm of your hand: That’s the essence of two simple satcom units that not only fulfill a communications function, but a safety role as well.

The Noah’s Ark approach

“One if by land, two if by sea.” We have all heard that phrase before. It’s a rallying call more than 150 years old, and I believe it also applies to distance cruisers heading offshore.

Rookie mistake

This past November, after nine years of full-time cruising, we made a rookie mistake.

Disposing of used CO2 cylinders

As inflatable PFDs have become the life jacket of choice for boaters of all stripes, we should be asking what to do with used CO2 cylinders.

Bringing Carina home

It was May in Pohnpei and the ITCZ was creeping north, an indication that typhoon season was emerging.

Internet bliss

While enjoying my usual evening libation in the cockpit, I often grab a cellphone or laptop to find out what is happening in the world, what messages may have come in that I can ignore, and whether or not thunderstorms are likely to wake us at the usual 2 a.m.

Wi-Fi on board

To get an idea of how Wi-Fi networking is being used by live-aboard voyagers today, we asked a selection of voyagers about their approach on board their boats.

Celestial navigation series, part three

In this installment, we’ll discuss the navigational astronomy of the sun, the celestial sphere, the coordinate system used on the celestial sphere and also the navigational triangle.