Ocean Navigator - May-June 2020

Tropical grounding

After the cold of winter, northern sailors may be thinking about the wonders of a warm, tropical destination like Hawaii and some beautiful summer sailing.

Female researchers study plastics in Pacific

An all-female crew of researchers, called eXXpedition Round the World, departed Easter Island on March 9 aboard the 73-foot research ketch TravelEdge, bound for Tahiti to study plastics in the ocean and in the South Pacific Gyre.

Anchor room

One of the challenges of world voyaging is not only navigating open ocean, but also negotiating a busy anchorage when you finally arrive at your destination.

FADs offshore

In some places in the world, voyagers need to look out for FADs in the water. The official term for a FAD is a “fish aggregating device,” although on our boat we tend to call it a “fish attracting device.”

Squeezing out fresh water

The term “watermaker” is a bit of a misnomer, as these units do not really make water but rather turn undrinkable salt water into drinkable fresh water.