Ocean Navigator - March-April 2018

Protest overshadows new Sydney-Hobart records

Wild Oats XI set a new course record in the 73rd running of the Rolex Sydney to Hobart race, knocking nearly five hours off the previous mark. But the skipper and crew aboard the supermaxi barely had time to celebrate the win.

Rogue Waves: Anatomy of a Monster

Unpredicted and thus far unpredictable waves of vast height and sudden destructive power have long animated the imagination and concern of deepwater sailors.

X-ray sextant

Recently, the U.S. Naval Academy resumed the instruction of celestial navigation to midshipmen after cutting that field of study in the early 2000s.

Tasteless bilge water

You could argue that there are many “most important” systems on your trawler: diesel fuel delivery systems, firefighting systems, head and holding tank systems, electrical systems, etc.

Delayed resin curing produces blisters

Living in the heat of south Florida, I never thought my 15-year-old sailboat would have any resins, polyesters or epoxies that would not be fully cured by now.

Voyager battery survey

We asked the live-aboard sailors on four voyaging vessels some questions about the battery setups on their boats.

Battery types

Batteries come in many types and sizes depending on the needs of the owner.

Where did the reef go?

The recent article describing various vessel groundings and losses in the Pacific during the last year or two (“More than zoom levels,” January/February 2018) highlights a glaring weakness in many electronic charts.

March/April Issue 246: FitzRoy: Conflicted genius

Although mostly now remembered as the captain of HMS Beagle in her five-year voyage around the world with a young Charles Darwin, Robert FitzRoy was a man of the scientific age who made contributions in many fields.