Ocean Navigator - March-April 2015

Second record attempt scrubbed

Dr. Stanley Paris’s second attempt to break Dodge Morgan’s solo, nonstop circumnavigation record ended on Christmas Eve when the mainsail on his 63-foot sloop Kiwi Spirit experienced panel separation.

The barograph perfected

In the age of weather GRIB files delivered by satphone, there can be something reassuring about the polished presence of a brass barometer by the nav station.

Night running

Nighttime voyaging in the pilothouse of a trawler gives you a front-row seat to another world.

Negotiating a brash ice barrier

During our 2014 completion of the Northwest Passage on board my 50-foot gaff-rigged yawl, Empiricus, my fiancé Samantha Merritt and I encountered a large band of high concentration ice.

More tricky passages

In the September 2013 issue of Ocean Navigator (#212) I wrote about two of our four trickiest passages during our five-year circumnavigation: 1) up and down the Strait of Malacca, and 2) along the “Wild Coast” of South Africa. The other two, in and out of New England, and in and out of New Zealand, I’ll discuss here.

Do you copy?

We are often asked by those planning to set sail and go voyaging if we can help them sort through the myriad of details about voice and digital communications aboard. Given the regularity of these requests, we thought it good…

March/April 2015 Issue 224: Blue water coaster

Long before he was known as the skipper of the schooner Brilliant, Captain Francis “Biff” Bowker had served his time aboard the last of the coasting schooners carrying cargo along the East Coast during the 1930s. Bowker did not come…