Ocean Navigator - March-April 2011

Refitting dinghy floors

The day my foot went through the old, rotted floorboard as I stepped into our dinghy seemed an appropriate time to consider a bit of a refit for Dinkum.

Battery revolution

Ever since electricity has been put on boats, in one way or another batteries have held back the development of effective DC and AC systems.

Clearing the pass

On a sunny morning in February 1990, the VHF net started as usual in Zihuatanejo Bay in Mexico.

Moored in mid-ocean

When I mention sailing offshore, non-sailors often ask me “what do you do at night?”

Stranded on Svalbard

We cast off from Tromsø in Norway at noon on the first Saturday in August and set our course north for the Svalbard Islands above the Arctic Circle.

Power seafaring defined

Half Niagara Falls barrel, half high-performance motor boat, the U.S. Coast Guard’s 47-foot motor lifeboat is anything but your average power cruiser.

Keeping your boat inside a geofence

Recently, a sailor, freelance writer and contributor to this magazine, Alan Saunders, had his C&C 38, Trinka, stolen from its mooring in North Carolina.