Ocean Navigator - July-August 2019

Suggested ship’s papers

To collect and assemble the necessary paperwork, we provide to our clients an alphabetical list comprised of the most common documents they are likely to have or will need to have aboard.

Study notes GPS interference

A recent study released by a nonprofit think tank called C4ADS details Russian spoofing and jamming of GPS signals that resulted in erroneous position fixes, sometimes by many miles.

SailGP boats show a turn of speed

In an exercise that couldn’t be further from the world of the heavily laden voyaging boat, a fleet of cats sailed recently in San Francisco Bay as part of SailGP’s multiday racing series with professional teams representing six nations.

Final Golden Globe competitor sails on

While most of the sailors participating in the 2018 Golden Globe around-the-world solo race long ago either retired from the competition or crossed the finish line, there is a single racer still on the North Atlantic and headed toward the finish at Les Sables d’Olonne in France.