Ocean Navigator - January-February 2018

Hurricanes damage thousands of boats

Thousands of recreational boats broke free, grounded or sank during two powerful hurricanes that struck Texas and Florida weeks apart in late summer — and some owners have walked away rather than opting to pay for repairs.

The Silver Spider

Some voyagers making ocean passages and living aboard write about their experiences in magazine articles and nonfiction books.

Navy probe determines collisions were preventable

The Navy determined two fatal collisions this summer involving destroyers in the 7th Fleet were preventable, and an investigation identified fatigue and lapses in training, seamanship and communication aboard one or both warships.

2017 Husick Award winner

The sport of sailing, and particularly the pursuit of voyaging, is a technologically intensive enterprise, and every year new products emerge in the marine market.

Propeller removal

Several years ago, as I was walking through a boatyard, I came across a mechanic who was in the process of removing a propeller.

Vanishing lands of the Chesapeake

It’s an image I’ll never forget: a solitary wooden house floating on the waters of the eastern Chesapeake, surrounded by a small pile of sandbags and covered with cormorants and gulls.

Circumnavigating Vanua Levu

The 332 islands that make up the Pacific nation of Fiji offer the cruising sailor a bluewater playground of options.

More than zoom levels

Aboard our Dufour ketch Terrapin, we use Navionics on our Raymarine chartplotter and also have two Android tablets with the Navionics app as well as OpenCPN with Google Earth charts.

Must-have boat gadgets

You can go crazy adding all sorts of tools and gadgets to your boat, many of which you might never use.