Ocean Navigator - January-February 2017

OCENS Mail Adds Powerful Imbedded Weather Option

Includes Access to Award-Winning Grib Explorer Software   Available today, OCENS Mail version 12 for the PC and Mac provides new pathways to OCENS near limitless trove of global weather data. Version 12 adds free weather options, extended weather forecasts,…

NMEA adds four industry veterans to board of directors

(SEVERNA PARK, Md.) — The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) has appointed four additional members to the board of directors. During their three-year terms they will be responsible for helping to create and drive NMEA strategies, programs and efforts in…

Finding Pax

This is a love story. I’m not talking about romantic love. I’m talking about obsessive love; a woman’s love, indeed adoration, for an inanimate object — in this case a wooden boat.

2016 Chuck Husick Award winner

Every year via the Chuck Husick Marine Technology Award, Ocean Navigator looks at the latest offerings in marine tech — new products, new online services, new ways of approaching the challenges of voyaging.

Drop-in for smart voltage regulation

When you think of advances in marine technology, it’s likely that most voyagers think of flashy items such as radar or multifunction displays or autopilots.

Trawler hand tools

One frequent question I hear from my trawler clients is, “What hand tools should I have on board?”

Thoughts about trawler tools

Before you take off, take time at the dock to inspect your systems and identify what tools you should have, get them and try them out to make sure they fit and will get the job done before you need…

Finding the source

We had been anchoring on the southeast side of the Thailand tourist island of Koh Chang (Elephant Island), in the Gulf of Thailand.

The thrill of the fix

Technologies are invented and adopted because they make some aspect of human life easier or more efficient.

Novice sailors on the Aegean

A few years ago, the idea of sailing and rock climbing in the Mediterranean was a mere fantasy to our group of close friends, most of whom had never actually been on a real sailboat.

Staying on course with Wi-Fi

Enjoying fingertip wireless access to the Internet while sailing in coastal waters has become a way of life for many sailors.

Are you over-propped?

Before heading out on a long multi-year trip, you might want to consider taking a good look at your propeller.

January/February Issue 238: Rounding the Horn

From the time it was discovered in 1616 by the Dutchman Willem Schouten, and named for the town of his birth, Hoorn, Cape Horn has held the image of doom and redemption, heartache and tragedy in the minds of mariners.