Good Reads

Run the Storm

George M. Foy’s collective biography of a ship and a storm, and of the crew who would die in that storm, is a tour de force of nautical expertise coupled with sensitive treatment of one of the worst maritime disasters in our history.

Hawaii by Sextant

Hawaii by Sextant: An In-depth Exercise in Celestial Navigation Using Real Sextant Sights and Logbook Entries By David Burch & Stephen Miller Starpath Publications, Seattle, Wash. 2014 Hawaii by Sextant is an exercise in ocean navigation by celestial navigation alone.…

Hawaiki Rising

Hawaiki Rising By Sam Low Island Heritage Publishing, 2013 Hardcover, 343 pages It has been nearly 38 years since the Polynesian voyaging canoe Hokule’a first set sail from Hawaii without instruments or charts, using only the stars, wind, and waves…