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Omega blocks

Upper atmosphere winds, blowing across the earth from west to east at speeds from 50 to 150 knots, help create and influence surface weather. Viewed from above Earth, these winds move along paths resembling ocean waves in profile. Named for…

Survitec launches virtual museum

The Survitec company, a manufacturer of survival and safety products, has launched a "virtual museum." The museum is a joint effort of the company along with the Museum of Godalming, located in Surrey, England. The museum showcases inventions and patents that…

Preparing a sailing rig for going offshore

For the voyaging sailboat, your rig is your primary propulsion when offshore and should be given top priority when preparing to go offshore. The rig you have been using on weekends may have been good enough to prove the boat's…

Harken Employees Acquire Harken

“Throughout the years, Olaf and I have been approached by lots of good people interested in acquiring our business. The way we decided was simple. We turned down every offer that didn’t present a brighter future for our people than…

America's Boating Club Announces In-Home Learning

Raleigh, N.C. – During these uncertain times, the United States Power Squadrons® – America’s Boating Club® has provided a way for recreational boaters to make use of their time, while improving their skills for a safer and more enjoyable boating…

Weather Data by Satellite Phone

Receiving weather GRIB files offshore has become much easier through the easy access offered by handheld satellite phones. No longer do you need to install a huge satellite dome on your vessel to receive this critical data while under way.

Satellite TV for cruisers

If you love watching television, you can still enjoy this pastime after you have sailed off for open water.

Voyagers in need

Live-aboard sailors and regular ON contributors battle COVID-19 in Cape Town

Sleep deprivation

You are headed into rough weather and thinking to yourself that you’re not going to get much sleep in the next few days.

Weathering the pandemic

The global coronavirus pandemic has affected all of our lives in countless ways, and ocean voyagers are no exception.