Ocean Voyager

Respecting Paradise

Author’s note: I first started to write this story at the request of one of my Marquesan friends who hoped to make the cruising community more aware of the issues I outline here. But I want to make it…

Light in a pinch

Routes from Florida to the Bahamas are as short as 50 miles, but they all involve crossing the Gulf Stream and hopefully arriving during daylight hours and early enough to clear Customs. For most sailors, this means an evening or…

It’s not easy being green

How can it be that something you love to do makes you sick? The ocean is a fickle host, at times benevolent and mild, then obstreperous and cruel — often within moments of each other. One minute you’re in…

Pushing batteries to the limit

For several years, I was part of a project developing energy systems built around massively powerful alternator-type devices; the one I have now will generate up to 8 kW.

Satcom coming on strong

We’re not quite there yet, but the era of Star Trek-like communicators is mostly here — though many of us are impatiently waiting for the day we can beam ourselves between home and the boat.

Safety thoughts from medical pros

Our background of being registered nurses, volunteering with emergency services, and having been part of the emergency planning for a major medical center has helped us think about how to keep safe on our offshore Nordhavn 46, Salish Aire.

Tropical cyclone graphics

Whenever a tropical cyclone (tropical depression, tropical storm or hurricane) is present, there is a large amount of information available to help the public understand the outlook for the system or systems of interest, and also to help with decisions that need to be made and actions that need to be taken.

From the Taffrail: Sock

Just three nights into our Atlantic crossing, with early days for a three-week passage, our minds and bodies were still adjusting to the challenges of a 24/7 watch routine...

Not indestructible

The broker representing the 60-foot vessel was dumbfounded. “How could that be?” he asked. “They are stainless steel, and stainless steel doesn’t rust.”

Reducing oil waste

Most cruisers I know dutifully change their mineral engine oil every 100 to 150 engine hours as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Offshore Safety: Voyaging family style

Erik and Emily Orton moved their small family of four to New York City straight out of college for Erik to pursue a career in the Broadway theater industry.

Abandon-ship bags

Prior to any offshore passage, the captain of the vessel readying to head offshore should bring the crew together for a safety briefing.

Security for sailors

While focusing on the dream of sailing away to exotic ports and having the most fun imaginable, many mariners overlook the concerns of crime at sea.