Nav Problems

Schooner Wanderer’s sad history

In the history of American sailing ships, there are few vessels that can compare with the disreputable story of the schooner Wanderer.…

Yankee sails on

The Johnsons — Irving and Exy — weren’t your average American married couple. The Johnsons completed seven circumnavigations beginning in the 1930s, all aboard boats named Yankee, with…

The oral surgeon’s masterpiece

The 16-millimeter projector whirs, displaying a flickering, scratchy movie from 1957. It’s a gathering of suburbanites in a backyard, nothing…

The Manila Galleons

When the Spanish empire expanded in the mid-1500s to include New Spain (Mexico) and as far west as the Philippine…

Jolie Brise rescues Adriana

Jolie Brise, which is roughly translated as “nice breeze,” is perhaps one of the most famous yachts of the 20th century; more than 100 years after her launch, the vessel is still plying the waters of the Atlantic. She’s a…

March/April Issue 260: Schooner Adix

Residents of Greenport, N.Y., a small maritime village on the northeast end of Long Island, have been watching all sorts of sailing ships come and go over the past couple hundred years.

January/February Issue 259: Santa Maria

In its day — more than 500 years ago — the nao (ship) Santa Maria embodied a sailing design that was as modern then as the fastest-designed sailboats are today.

September/October Issue 257: Vagabonding under sail

While he is best remembered as the designer of a host of famous yachts including the Westsail, Pacific Seacraft, Cabo Rico, Dana 24 and Columbia, English-born W.I.B. Crealock (1920-2009) began his love affair with sailboats in 1948 when he and three friends sailed from England to British Guiana.

May/June Issue 255: The Golden Globe Race

The first Golden Globe nonstop around-the-world race was held 50 years ago in 1968-69 as a response to Sir Francis Chichester’s single-handed, one-stop circumnavigation a few years before.

May/June Issue 248: La Amistad

La Amistad — ironically the Spanish word for friendship — was anything but that to the captured slaves forced onto the vessel in 1839.

March/April Issue 246: FitzRoy: Conflicted genius

Although mostly now remembered as the captain of HMS Beagle in her five-year voyage around the world with a young Charles Darwin, Robert FitzRoy was a man of the scientific age who made contributions in many fields.