Author: Story and Photos by Wayne Canning

The humble yet capable marine VHF

Although marine VHF radio has been around for a while, it has not only remained useful but is also still a vital part of any vessel’s safety equipment.

Calculating battery needs

Any boat owner who takes their vessel away from the dock knows that battery capacity becomes a concern.

Checking hoses

As a surveyor, it is my job to inspect hoses for problems as I go about my inspections.

Emergency steering

For a vessel traveling any distance offshore, it should be understood that sometimes a simple failure can begin a chain of events leading to the total loss of the vessel.

Mainsail mastery

As wind speeds increase and the rail begins to dip, it’s time to think about reducing sail.

State of charge

Today’s onboard electrical systems continue to get more sophisticated and more complicated, making it increasingly important to keep track of the health and status of the electrical system.

A raft in need

In light of the tragic capsizing this spring of the yacht Cheeki Rafiki during an Atlantic crossing, and more recently the rescue of the crew of the yacht Walkabout after being caught in the path of hurricane Julio off Hawaii, it seems appropriate to take a new look at life rafts and in particular how life rafts are stored and deployed on offshore vessels.

Roller furling maintenance

There have been many innovations for cruising sailboats over the last 50 years, but one of the most useful has been roller furling. Manufacturers have fine-tuned these simple yet effective systems into reliable pieces of gear now found on almost all cruising boats. The ease of use along with the added safety of not having to go forward on a pitching deck have made roller furling required gear for both coastal and offshore sailing vessels.

Boat coverage

One of the more confusing issues a sailor must face is that of marine insurance.

Diesel developments

Although the basic core of today’s modern marine diesel engine remains essentially the same, the controls, fuel systems and accessories have changed greatly.