Author: Twain Braden

Modern Marine Weather (Third Edition)

The problem with teaching marine weather is the same problem as celestial navigation: How do you demonstrate a three-dimensional concept so that the recipient can visualize it?

Halfway Rock Light Station

When writing about lighthouses, it’s almost impossible to avoid lapsing into nostalgia or busting out in Faulkner quotes about the past not being dead or Masefield’s lonely sea and the sky.

Staten Island’s hidden relics

Beneath a canopy of old sycamores and lindens, directly across the Kill van Kull from some of New Jersey’s most wretched industrial wastelands — Bergen Point, Port Johnson and Constable Hook — lies the bucolic 80-acre campus of Sailors’ Snug Harbor.

An unusual Bermuda landmark

The narrow two-lane road from Southampton on the southwestern end of Bermuda looks ordinary enough, but it leads to a marine oddity that most visitors never see unless they slow down and pay close attention to a curious little bridge.

Is pod propulsion a viable choice?

Podded propulsion has been around for some time in the commercial world, but how effective is this type of drive setup for power voyaging boats? Ocean Navigator contributing editor Twain Braden reports on the pod drive approach.

A somber funeral procession

I was on my usual run out to Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, when I heard a cryptic transmission over the VHF: Sea Tow was requesting that the U.S. Coast Guard issue a security call on its behalf…

Navy interested in laser flares

Recall the grisly final scene in the movie Dead Calm involving a flare gun? Picture the bright flares firing briefly over the doomed Titanic.

Body found off Coronado Islands

The body of a man was found off the Coronado Islands off Southern California Sunday, May 6, prompting local sailors to wonder whether the body was that of the skipper of the doomed sailing vessel Aegean, lost in the annual Newport-Ensenada Race, was lost April 29.

Solo sailor rounds the Americas

Solo sailor Matt Rutherford, sailing for Americans with disabilities, returned to Maryland in April following a solo, 27,000 miles nonstop circumnavigation of the Americas

Handheld technology in the cockpit

For those so inclined, there are dozens of products that offer waterproofing and mounting hardware to use tablets and smartphones while cruising.

Prop protection

A look at the options for preventing a snagged line around your propeller