Author: Steve D’Antonio

Why marine-related filters?

Contrary to popular belief, the marine label isn’t just an excuse by the manufacturer to charge a premium — there are genuine and critical differences.

Propeller removal

Several years ago, as I was walking through a boatyard, I came across a mechanic who was in the process of removing a propeller.

The inspirational Pulpit Rock

Lysefjord, nearly 2,000 feet below, carved its way through the granite landscape; its smooth waters looked as if they’d been cast in obsidian.

A visit to the life raft factory

Recently while cruising in Norway, I had the opportunity to visit one of the Viking company’s manufacturing and R&D facilities located in Straume on Norway’s southwest coast.

Electrocution and electric shock drowning

Unlike conventional electric shock, wherein the victim’s heart is stopped or goes into ventricular fibrillation as a result of exposure to a sufficiently high level of electric current, electric shock drowning (ESD) simply paralyzes the voluntary muscle reflexes.