Author: Story and photos by Rich Ian-Frese

Tracking cyclones

Voyagers deciding on a cyclone avoidance strategy in the South Pacific need to make some decisions.

The 90-degree detour

Anna, our Tayana 37 cutter, was halfway to Easter Island, the westernmost outpost of Chile, before we realized that our voyage had run afoul of an unexpected weather situation.

Braving the gap winds

We slipped out of Guaymas, Mexico, in the northern Sea of Cortez, in late October aboard our Tayana 37 sloop Anna. This was only the first part of a 2,500-nm passage from northern Mexico to the Perlas archipelago in the Gulf of Panama. A trip that would take us through the dreaded Gulfs of Tehuantepec and Papagayo with their possible gale-force winds and choppy seas.

Hardened protection

We had experienced enough gale-force winds and large seas on board our Tayana 37 cutter Anna to know that a bit of protection while standing watch in an open cockpit makes life a lot easier.