Author: Peter Stoops

An Inexplicable Attraction

I consider myself a cruising sailor and enjoy reading excerpts in various publications about where other sailors have sailed and what they’ve found there.

Quickstart Circumnavigation Guide

I’ve never circumnavigated, so asking me to review a book on that topic is a bit humbling, as I hold people who have accomplished that goal in such high esteem.

Preventive maintenance for the roller furler

The roller furling gear on a boat is something that is generally taken for granted; it’s a simple mechanism, and it usually seems to work just fine without a lot of maintenance fuss.But, when it stops working offshore it can…

Powder coating tames the head

I’m probably like a lot of do-it-yourself sailors when it comes to painting techniques: I’ve tried them all. And I’ve had varying degrees of success — from awful to “not bad” — with each. I think it’s the very nature…

Mast mover

Like most boat owners, I’ve always assumed I only had two options with my mast: leave it at the boatyard when the boat is hauled, or have it transported either on the boat’s deck or slung alongside the hydraulic lift…