Author: Laurie Thyrre

Hiring a yacht agent

Traveling by boat to multiple foreign countries on a continent other than where one lives has its challenges. Being American and “living” in Europe aboard our Nordhavn 64 Gratitude for more than a year now, we have been delighted by…

During a pandemic, flexibility is key

The wheelhouse was scattered with guidebooks extolling the virtues and sites to behold in and around the Baltic — fjords in Sweden and Norway, Danish in Denmark, history-laden Poland, and enough lager to sink a barge in Germany. The chartplotters…

Resetting the clock in Gibraltar and Morocco

Two issues of particular concern to the non-European yachtsman arriving from the Americas are the Schengen Agreement, which affects the immigration status of the foreign traveler, and the European Union (EU) regulations that affect the value-added tax (VAT) and duty requirements of the non-EU documented vessel.

The Schengen Area and other European organizations

While the European Union is probably the most widely known multination organization in Europe, there are other groupings of European countries formed to advance the common economic and cultural goals of the member states.