Author: Laurie Thyrre

Hiring a yacht agent

Traveling by boat to multiple foreign countries on a continent other than where one lives has its challenges. Being American and “living” in Europe aboard our Nordhavn 64 Gratitude for more than a year now, we have been delighted by…

During a pandemic, flexibility is key

The wheelhouse was scattered with guidebooks extolling the virtues and sites to behold in and around the Baltic — fjords in Sweden and Norway, Danish in Denmark, history-laden Poland, and enough lager to sink a barge in Germany. The chartplotters…

Resetting the clock in Gibraltar and Morocco

Two issues of particular concern to the non-European yachtsman arriving from the Americas are the Schengen Agreement, which affects the immigration status of the foreign traveler, and the European Union (EU) regulations that affect the value-added tax (VAT) and duty requirements of the non-EU documented vessel.