Author: Jeff Williams

Planning ahead

Speaking from experience, pumps are something that you’ll want spare parts for before setting off on any voyage of note. Toilet pumps, freshwater pumps, sump pumps, hydraulic pumps (autopilot and backstay/vang), bilge pumps, raw water, coolant circulation, and … yes…

Get set for splicing

One of the handiest little skills that I’ve picked up along the way has been splicing: three-strand, rope/chain and braided.

Internet access for voyagers

For better or worse, we live in a connected world. When we set off voyaging, our access to connectivity changes. How much it changes depends on where we’re going, what kind of access we want, and how much we’re willing to pay — measured both in cash and in energy consumption — to get it.

Firefighting for voyagers

Few things are more frightening than an uncontrolled fire on board: the potential for total loss is extremely high. Unfortunately, fire is a not uncommon occurrence on boats of all sizes: witness the recent cases of cruise ships disabled due to fire.

Refitting dinghy floors

The day my foot went through the old, rotted floorboard as I stepped into our dinghy seemed an appropriate time to consider a bit of a refit for Dinkum.

A taste of Tobago

Though overshadowed by Trinidad, its larger Caribbean cousin, there are many rewards for making the passage to Tabago

Wave energy charts as voyage planning tools

Pilot charts are key tools for anyone planning an offshore voyage. These charts have been developed through the analysis of weather data gathered over hundreds of years. They graphically present historical climatological data in a sensible and understandable fashion. For…