Author: Jeff Merrill

Suggested ship’s papers

To collect and assemble the necessary paperwork, we provide to our clients an alphabetical list comprised of the most common documents they are likely to have or will need to have aboard.

Developing your spare parts strategy

Anticipate problems, determine what you will need before you need it. Be vigilant in your inspections and look for clues (rust, oil leaks, chafe dust, corrosion, etc.) that indicate something is wearing out or going wrong. Ensure that you have…

Thoughts about trawler tools

Before you take off, take time at the dock to inspect your systems and identify what tools you should have, get them and try them out to make sure they fit and will get the job done before you need…

Key points on spare parts

• It’s easier to make a repair tied up at the dock. Do you have what you need when you are offshore? • Determine what is likely to be  commonly replaced (bulbs, fuses) and add spares to your inventory. •…

Engine essentials

Familiarity with the heart of your power voyaging boat, your engine, is the best way to enjoy cruising with confidence. Spending thousands of offshore miles training with clients has helped me outline some key points to focus on so that each owner can “dial-in” the essentials of their engines.