Author: Harry Hungate

Paris and Kiwi Spirit try again

The custom 63-foot sloop Kiwi Spirit, with Dr. Stanley Paris at the helm, departed St. Augustine, Fla., Sunday morning, Nov. 9, 2014 under clearing skies and 10 knots of northerly wind.

Renewed quest

Circumnavigator and regular contributor Harry Hungate recently interviewed Dr. Stanley Paris in Jacksonville, Fla., about his aborted effort to better Dodge Morgan’s record for solo non-stop world circumnavigation.

Galley countertop replacement

A live-aboard sailboat’s galley is the most-used area on the vessel. Having just completed a world circumnavigation with the previous owners, our Formica countertop and fittings were looking quite tired. Rather than replace the Formica — we considered it old school — we went with Corian.

Charles W. Morgan readied for relaunching

While cruising up the U.S. East Coast this year, we visited historic Mystic Seaport in Connecticut. During our visit we learned that Charles W. Morgan, the oldest merchant ship afloat in the USA and the very last whaling ship was…

Quiet your engine

Our owner-completed Corbin 39 cutter is beautifully finished inside and out, and came fitted with many desirable features, save one: the engine was not enclosed in a sound-absorbing housing.

Seawater pump impeller replacement

Most boaters seem to fall into two categories: those who practice preventive maintenance and those who practice breakdown maintenance. Proceeding directly to the point, those in the first category unfailingly renew their engine raw water pump impeller every two years…

Outboard motor shaft puller

Our 8-hp Evinrude provided six years of dependable service with only minimal maintenance. Except for changing the spark plugs, zinc anode, and lower unit oil every two years, it required no work at all. Until, that is, one day the…

Diesel fuel lift pump rebuild

Practically every diesel engine has a fuel lift pump. It lifts fuel from the fuel tank and primary fuel filter, then pushes it through the secondary fuel filter and into the fuel injection pump. A few engines are fitted with…

Cool your alternator

Heat is the greatest enemy of all things electrical, and your alternator is no exception. Alternators come equipped with cooling fans, either internal or external, but with a tightly enclosed engine compartment, high ambient temperature means an even hotter alternator.…

Reducing radio interference

It sounds like a crude form of Morse code on your single sideband transceiver. The interfering signal is strong enough to disrupt fax reception, render voice reception unintelligible, and bring your onboard e-mail to a halt. It seems to occur…