Author: Eric Forsyth

Turned away

When I departed Long Island, N.Y., on July 5, 2013, I was making my fourth attempt to cruise Antarctica aboard Fiona, my well-traveled Westsail 42. My plan was ambitious: a westward-bound circumnavigation of the Antarctic continent.

Illness and injury on the high seas

Editor’s note: Eric Forsyth is not a medical doctor and the following account is not intended as a medical guide. Forsyth recounts some medically-related incidents he has experienced in more than 40 years of deepwater sailing to illustrate the kind…

Modifying a fuel system for cross feed between tanks

My boat has two diesel fuel tanks. Fuel for the engine is selected by appropriate feed valves with the unused return fuel also piped to the tanks via valves. Normally, fuel is returned to the same tank that is feeding…