Author: Ellen Massey Leonard

Notable New Titles

High Latitude Sailing, Self-Sufficient Sailing Techniques for Cold Waters and Winter Seasons By Jon Amtrup and Bob Shepton Hardcover, 198 pages, $35 Adlard Coles, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, London Written by two extremely experienced ocean voyagers, High Latitude Sailing provides exactly…

Sail fast!

No one likes sailing to a schedule. It’s stressful; you never know if the weather will cooperate, or for that matter if the boat will cooperate.

Staying fit on a voyage

Voyaging is a healthy enterprise. The air at sea is unpolluted; the watch routine ensures that sailors spend more time outside than their landlocked friends; food can sometimes come fresh from the sea or, especially in the tropics, fresh from tree and vine. Regular, structured exercise, however, remains a problem.