Author: Ellen Massey Leonard

Notable New Titles

High Latitude Sailing, Self-Sufficient Sailing Techniques for Cold Waters and Winter Seasons By Jon Amtrup and Bob Shepton Hardcover, 198 pages, $35 Adlard Coles, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, London Written by two extremely experienced ocean voyagers, High Latitude Sailing provides exactly…

The Magic of Landfall

So many of our words and expressions come from the world of ships and sailing: taken aback, by and large, hand over fist, a wide berth, a loose cannon, chock-a-block, and landfall. Landfall, to a seafarer, is the moment…

An Aussie guide to engine maintenance

Years ago, on our circumnavigation aboard our 38-foot cutter Heretic, we had reached Cairns in northern Australia when we left the boat in a marina and returned to the U.S. to work during the Southern Hemisphere cyclone season.

Sail fast!

No one likes sailing to a schedule. It’s stressful; you never know if the weather will cooperate, or for that matter if the boat will cooperate.

Managing seasickness

The joke about seasickness is that it has three stages: feeling terrible, worried you might die and worried you won’t die.

An emergency watermaker

Volvo Ocean Race boats are all at the cutting edge of sailing technology, right up to what the crew eat and drink.

Second non-stop solo circumnavigation attempt

On Sept. 2, 2013, Canadian sailor Glenn Wakefield departed his native Victoria, B.C., on his second attempt at a solo non-stop circumnavigation, westward against the prevailing winds of the Roaring Forties.

Staying fit on a voyage

Voyaging is a healthy enterprise. The air at sea is unpolluted; the watch routine ensures that sailors spend more time outside than their landlocked friends; food can sometimes come fresh from the sea or, especially in the tropics, fresh from tree and vine. Regular, structured exercise, however, remains a problem.

Victoria Classic Boat Festival

Eighty sail and power boats arrived on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, over Labor Day weekend for the 36th annual Victoria Classic Boat Festival.

Voyager weighs in on tourist development for Yap

To the editor: The Pacific basin is an iconic tourist destination, and for good reason. Any voyager who has spent time there can attest to its beauty and diversity: the Tuamotus’ palm-fringed atolls, Fiji’s lush rainforests, and New Zealand’s vertiginous…

A shaft rebuild afloat

Many sailors describe voyaging as “fixing boats in exotic places.” More often than we’d like to admit, this is accurate.

Striking a balance

Almost all potential voyagers want to strike a balance between affordability and the size of the boat they want.