Author: David Lynn

Marking depth

Setting up and marking an anchor rode has some wrinkles depending on whether the rode is rope or chain.

Applying lettering to a dinghy

We just renewed our boat insurance and one evening, when I had too much time on my hands, I decided to actually read the new policy. I came across a clause that stated that the theft of the dinghy was only covered if the name of the vessel was clearly and permanently marked on it.

A hookah dive system

We had just arrived in the Galápagos Islands and were wending our way through all the cruising boats looking for a spot to drop the hook. I noticed a fishing float that appeared to be moving our way. Our prop had picked up a lost fishing line, and within seconds, the float disappeared under our boat.

All’s fair

While making a Trans-Atlantic crossing from Uruguay to South Africa, winds and seas clocked and backed in all directions with all intensities — from flat calm and no wind to 40-plus knots and the biggest seas we had ever encountered.