Author: David Lynn

Lassoing a mooring

It seems everywhere we go, there is a different method of tying to a mooring.

Marking depth

Setting up and marking an anchor rode has some wrinkles depending on whether the rode is rope or chain.

Chain painting prep work

There is a little prep work that must be done before painting. This is the process we use to get the longest lasting results.

Applying lettering to a dinghy

We just renewed our boat insurance and one evening, when I had too much time on my hands, I decided to actually read the new policy. I came across a clause that stated that the theft of the dinghy was only covered if the name of the vessel was clearly and permanently marked on it.

Sleepless in Suva

Last season we spent a few days in the busy harbor of Suva, the capital city of Fiji on board our 45-foot Liberty cutter, Nine of Cups.

Testing and equalizing batteries

In a typical cruising boat, life is hard for the batteries. They are often discharged to 50 percent or less of full charge and rarely, if ever, fully recharged.

A hookah dive system

We had just arrived in the Galápagos Islands and were wending our way through all the cruising boats looking for a spot to drop the hook. I noticed a fishing float that appeared to be moving our way. Our prop had picked up a lost fishing line, and within seconds, the float disappeared under our boat.

All’s fair

While making a Trans-Atlantic crossing from Uruguay to South Africa, winds and seas clocked and backed in all directions with all intensities — from flat calm and no wind to 40-plus knots and the biggest seas we had ever encountered.

Voyaging communications report: Nine of Cups

Keeping in touch while cruising has never been easier. Over the past 12 years that we’ve lived aboard, improvements in communication options have been incredible. In 2000, once out of the USA, we would arrive in a small port in…

An emergency diesel day tank

I battled an air leak in our engine’s fuel line for the duration of a 4,000-nm passage from Ecuador to Puerto Montt, Chile, on our Liberty 458 Nine of Cups.