Author: David Berson


According to my well-thumbed and trusty 2016 Nautical Almanac, the declination of the sun was at its northernmost point at 1400 hours on June 20 when it climbed to 23° 26.1’, and it stayed there — as if resting on a rock after a long climb, catching its breath admiring the view — until June 21, when between 0700 and 0800 it roused itself, shook off the cobwebs and moved south 0.1’.

Super yacht Illiquid

For its captain and crew, life aboard a super yacht is filled with far less drama and romance than you might expect from watching a TV reality show such as the Bravo Network program “Below Decks.”

The first point of Aries

Ah, spring! The peepers peep. The woodpeckers peck. The daffodils dazzle and the redwings are back in town, while on the celestial sphere — the region that we celestial navigators think about — the sun has moved from south of the celestial equator to the north on a day referred to as the vernal equinox.