Author: Charlie Humphries

Extra fuel for voyaging

The days of red jerry jugs strapped to the rail are, or can be, a thing of the past. That is, if your vessel is large enough to carry a fuel bladder somewhere on deck.

Customized weather

Employing the services of an expert meteorologist is not just the preserve of the record-chasing ocean sailor or professional crew.

Changing chemistry

Aboard a sailboat, electricity is the most important resource other than wind.

Abandon-ship bags

Prior to any offshore passage, the captain of the vessel readying to head offshore should bring the crew together for a safety briefing.

Essential marine communications

Very high frequency (VHF) radios provide two-way communication and have a range of five to 30 miles, mostly line of sight with some bending.

Life at sea

From a head wound that required stitches to the camaraderie of shipmates, an account of a passage