Author: Ben Heselton-Clements

Heavy year for keel maker

With seven employees, the closing of Broomfield & Son, Inc., in Providence, R.I., in March 2020 didn’t make a splash on the…

Mind your stitches

When sails fail due to sunlight damage, what parts of sails are most likely to fail? We asked a…

Pandemic impacts sailing events

While some sailing events have taken place even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues in 2021, others have been canceled given the risk of spreading the coronavirus infection. The 36th America’s Cup final…

Safety answers from an expert

Not many people are better positioned to discuss Safety at Sea than former US Navy nuclear attack sub captain Mark Lenci. After 26 years in the Navy, Lenci now teaches the Cruising Club of America’s Safety at Sea Seminars. Mariners…

Remotely piloted tug

For ocean voyagers, the probability of encountering a commercial vessel with no one on board appears to be increasing.

Cruisers to get technical

For cruisers who want to become better attuned to the technical aspects of their boat, Brewer Yacht Yards’ Cowesett Marina in Warwick, R.I., will be hosting a Cruisers’ Workshop led by Steve D’Antonio and assisted by Ralph Naranjo on Oct. 20-21, 2017.

Boat recycling master

Captain Jim Harkins is a Portland, Maine, native who runs Captain Jim’s Marine Salvage & Nautical Antiquities. It’s an unorthodox company that heats its warehouse with salvaged boat fuel, but then Jim is an unorthodox man, working 15-hour days, seven days a week, and calling that his “retirement.”

Stats from a life raft station

Chase Leavitt & Co. is one of the few companies in Maine certified to service lifeboats, and they complete about 650 services a year.

Saildrones are redefining the collection of ocean data

The company Saildrone manufactures and operates a new generation of research vessels. Sleek, bright orange autonomous, wind-powered vessels that resemble small sailboats, the drones gather the same data as conventional research ships (fish stock, environmental information, etc), at a lower…