Author: Ann Hoffner

On-Board Medic

A piece of advice offered when I asked around for how to provision my first boat for cruising was, “Get a good medical kit.” It took years to fully understand what my advisor meant by this. It also took time…

Foghorns on demand

If you’ve spent time on a foggy coast, the sound of foghorns may be familiar.

Disposing of used CO2 cylinders

As inflatable PFDs have become the life jacket of choice for boaters of all stripes, we should be asking what to do with used CO2 cylinders.

Innovations in safety

It’s safe to say that sailors dwell on safety equipment like they do fridges and bottom paint — not so much powerboaters, as I learned from my fellow judges at the 2018 Miami Boat Show NMMA Innovation Awards.

Fires in the Tanimbar Islands

Our boat Oddly Enough motorsailed alongside our cruising companions on the 40-foot Auspray. We were going up the calm strait separating the main Tanimbar island of Yamdena from a string of sheltering islands to the northwest.

CAPSTONE Expedition at Maug Island

Often you can explore the ocean by yourself but not at the 2,000-meter depths where strange and wonderful creatures live — like bacteria that feed on sulfur at deep ocean vents and are eaten by other animals.

Basins and seas

It’s a long, intricate passage to sail non-stop through Indonesia from Darwin, Australia, to northern Borneo