Author: Alan Littell

Sailing to the Edge of Time

Sailing to the Edge of Time is a splendid book of nautical lore and, in its way, a profound book — a philosophical inquiry into the seductive enticement of seafaring.

The Boats I’ve Loved: 20 Classic Boat Designs

Some 60 years ago, living in New Jersey, I bought a lovely little centerboard cabin sloop that proved completely unsuited for anything more adventurous than daysailing the state’s inland waterways.

Reviving a Laurent Giles classic

After a four-year, $400,000 restoration, the classic Laurent Giles yawl Susanna is once again afloat in home waters, fitting out for the summer cruising season along the California coast between Ventura and Catalina Island.

Noble Chase

A chartered sportfisherman founders off the coast of Puerto Rico.

Naval Academy revives only limited celestial

While it has been widely reported that the U.S. Naval Academy is restoring celestial navigation to its curriculum, the truth is that the Academy is moving “slow astern” from its 2006 decision to drop celestial.

The Nautical Almanac online

I recall periodically gaining computer access to the Nautical Almanac’s daily pages by simply typing “Nautical Almanac online” into Google’s search engine.

Remembering Captain Uli

The late Ulrich Pruesse — universally known as “Captain Uli” — was that rare breed of seafarer, master mariner in commercial sail.