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Back issues for sale on this page are from the current issue to 2 years previous. We do have many older issues available. If you would like to purchase an issue not shown on this webpage, please contact Mary Mildren, Circulation/Marketing Director at 207-822-4350x225 or email Thank you! 

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Issue #238 Ocean Navigator January/February 2017

Issue #238 Ocean Navigator January/February 2017

In a special section on networking, we look at onboard wireless systems and at the need for voyagers to have fingertip access to onboard systems. We'll investigate both WiFi and Bluetooth and how these communications protocols are best used depending on the hardware involved. We'll also look at various WiFi routers and see how they work with electronic hardware on the boat. In a second story on long range WiFi, we look at how voyagers are connecting using larger, more sensitive antennas and how some voyagers are using cellular connections, when in range, in lieu of WiFi. In the Power Voyaging column we have a piece on essential tools for power voyagers. In our Ocean Voyaging section we have yacht systems expert/consultant and writer Steve D'Antonio describing a summer trip on a power voyaging boat that circumnavigated the far northern islands of Spitsbergen and then steamed north to the edge of the pack ice above the Arctic Circle. In a story of voyaging adventure, a couple anchored off the Thai coast follow a jungle stream deep into the interior to find its source. The thrill of the fix — a long time celestial navigator makes the case that while using a GPS for navigation is easier, there is nothing more satisfying than celestial navigation. In our Voyaging Tips section we ask: Are you over propped? A voyager looks at how propellers are measured and what pitch means and how it relate to your boat and the size prop your boat needs to be efficient. Plus the Nav Problem, Chartroom Chatter and more.

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