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Back issues for sale on this page are from the current issue to 2 years previous. We do have many older issues available. If you would like to purchase an issue not shown on this webpage, please contact Mary Mildren, Circulation/Marketing Director at 207-822-4350x225 or email Thank you! 

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Issue #239 Ocean Navigator March/April 2017

Issue #239 Ocean Navigator March/April 2017

In this issue we have a special section on communications with two stories that focus on the still relevant technology of HF SSB. The first is an exploration of the value of amateur (ham) radio to the voyager. Contributing editor Wanye Canning, a licensed ham radio operator and live aboard sailor, reviews the advantages of a ham radio setup, how it is different from Marine HF SSB and why its easier than ever to get an amateur license. Our second story looks at type accepted HF SSB marine radios and how voyagers can use these units. In our Power Voyaging column You don't want to go on a voyage without a ready supply of spare parts. In part 2 of our rundown of the most needed spare parts, trawler expert Jeff Merrill reveals the second half of his list of spares you are most likely to require or that may be hard to find in foreign ports. We have an ocean voyaging story speed sailing in Alaska in which a voyaging couple describes covering 2,500 miles from the Aleutian Islands to Port Angeles, Wash in two months. Our voyaging tips story is on navigation using Google maps - in areas of lower-quality charts, there are times when Google Maps (or Google Earth) can be a valuable addition to your arsenal of navigational tools by showing the exact locations of reefs and other near-surface features. We look at the use of foils by the race boats in the Vendee Globe solo around-the-world race. These devices are great for racing boats where the prime consideration is always speed, but would they work for voyaging boats? And in a look at the voyaging life we examine the curse of communications. For a voyaging couple cruising the world on a small budget, getting connected to the Internet is a real challenge. The Internet is essential for everything from banking to email, yet getting a good connection can be difficult when cruising in some of the more remote areas. A look at how one boat copes. Plus the nav problem and more.

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