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Back issues for sale on this page are from the current issue to 2 years previous. We do have many older issues available. If you would like to purchase an issue not shown on this webpage, please contact Mary Mildren, Circulation/Marketing Director at 207-822-4350x225 or email Thank you! 

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Issue #237 Ocean Navigator November-December 2016

Issue #237 Ocean Navigator November-December 2016

In this issue' special section on safety we have a story on understanding EPIRBs. We'll look at the various capabilities of three types of emergency signaling systems and see how they overlap. A story on the MEOSAR expansion discusses how the latest version of satellite-based search and rescue signaling significantly increases the coverage area and virtually eliminates coverage gaps so rescue coordination centers will be alerted sooner and rescue forces will be headed to the scene faster. Our Power Voyaging column describes the spare parts inventory that should be carried by a power voyaging boat. The Ocean Voyaging story for this issue recounts an 8,000-mile passage from Halifax to Sitka, Alaska via the Northwest Passage by two experienced Arctic sailors. A look at the latest in changing battery technology explores beyond the standard batteries long used on voyaging boats, and investigates lithium ion, fuel cells and the latest technological breakthrough — carbon foam batteries. And in our Voyaging Tips section, a voyager reviews the tips and tricks involved in sailing downwind, from preventers to boom brakes to whisker poles. More on dealing with derelict yachts: our correspondent in Florida relates how the state government is changing policies to deal with the large number of abandoned yachts. Plus the Nav Problem, Chartroom Chatter and more

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