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Back issues for sale on this page are from the current issue to 2 years previous. We do have many older issues available. If you would like to purchase an issue not shown on this webpage, please contact Mary Mildren, Circulation/Marketing Director at 207-822-4350x225 or email Thank you! 

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Issue #235 Ocean Navigator July-August 2016

Issue #235 Ocean Navigator July-August 2016

In a special section on Apps and iDevices, we conduct a survey of nine live aboard voyagers to see what they consider the best smartphone and tablets apps for voyagers. They responded with a cross section of apps that assist them in a number of tasks from weather to charting to communications. In our Power Voyaging section we ask how is a big power yacht equipped and what is the job like for the captain of such a vessel? We take a look aboard the 106-foot Broward, Illiquid. In our Ocean Voyaging section we recount a rough crossing of the Bay of Biscay, which has a notorious reputation for bad weather. Contributing editor Eric Forsyth recently crossed the Bay of Biscay in his sturdy and well-traveled Westsail 42 Fiona, with two crew and found it to be as challenging a body of water as ever. In our correspondence section a voyager deals with fluky weather and currents on a trip west across the Indian Ocean and learns that sometimes the biggest part of voyaging is just keeping on. And we have the story of a family forced to abandon ship in WWII and how they managed to survive and a look at the differences between 1940s survival gear and the modern options. The feature story for this issue is on an unusual high latitude vessel. Most voyaging boats use for high latitude work have stout melt hulls and ample pilothouses. But a voyager describes what worked and what didn’t aboard a cold-molded classic used for sailing in the Arctic. And in the Voyaging Tips section a voyager describes the various ways of preserving freshly caught fish on board a voyaging boat. Plus, the nav problem, Chartroom Chatter and more.

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